Vancouver Sealants

Firestop Caulking Supply, Ltd. offers a series of sealants from the leading and major manufacturers such as Tremco Sealants, Dow Corning, Sika Sealants, and Sonneborn. We also provide sealant (caulking) by applications:

Sealant for Vertical / Horizontal Joints one-part Sealant (Urethane Based) Paintable. Sealant for Horizontal Joints only one-part sealant (Urethane Based) Self Leveling Grade. Sealant for Horizontal Joints only, two part sealants (Urethane Base) Self Leveling Grade, Sealant for Vertical / Horizontal Joints one Part Sealant ( Silicone Based) not paintable, Mildew Resistance Sealant ( Bathroom), Specialty Pre formed Silicone Joint Tape, Load Bearing ( Saw Cut Filler Sealants), Security Sealant (Pick Proof), Saw Cut Joint Sealants, Sealants demonstrating good adhesion to the “peel & stick” Materials ( tests conducted by the manufactures), General Use Sealants, Soft Rod, and Caulking Tools.

Sealants Features

Suitable for most new construction and remedial sealing applications, Versatile – high performance structural glazing and weathersealing from a single product. Available in plenty of standard colors; custom colors also available

BENEFITS: Excellent weatherability – virtually unaffected by sunlight, rain, snow, ozone and temperature extremes of -40°F (-40°C) to 300°F (149°C).

Excellent unprimed adhesion to a wide variety of construction materials and building components, including anodized, alodined, most coated and many Kynar1-painted aluminums. Ease of application – ready to use as supplied.

Ease of use – all-temperature gunnability, easy tooling and low odor cure by-product.

Meets global standards (Americas, Asia, and Europe).

COMPOSITION: One-part, neutral-cure, RTV silicone sealant.

Virtually Unaffected by

Extreme Temperatures