TREMstop Acrylic Gun Grade (1 box)

TREMstop Acrylic Gun Grade (1 box)


A single component, water-based, easy to clean, paintable, acrylic firestop sealant in a gun grade version.

Available: Limestone & White
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TREMstop Acrylic
Product Description:
TREMstop Acrylic is a single component, water-based, acrylic firestop sealant. TREMstop Acrylic is an elastomeric, high performance sealant capable of +/- 25% movement in a fire-rated joint. TREMstop Acrylic is available in a gun grade and a sprayable grade to help meet any application need.Basic Uses:
TREMstop Acrylic is a specially formulated acrylic for firestop applications. These applications include metallic pipe, insulated pipe and construction joints. TREMstop Acrylic is extremely useful for head-of-wall applications where it is the most economical and user-friendly sealant available. TREMstop Acrylic SP (sprayable grade) is very useful for head-of-wall applications with long joint runs where a sprayable sealant may offer huge labor savings.


Physical State : Paste

Form : Non-sag gunnable paste

Color : Limestone

Odor : MildGlycolAcrylate

pH : Not available.

Vapour pressure : Not available.

Vapor density : Heavier than air

Melting point/range : < 32 °C, < 90 °F

Freezing point : Not available.

Boiling point/range : Not available.

Water solubility : Miscible

Evaporation Rate: : Not available.

Specific Gravity : 1.04

% Volatile Weight : 35 %



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