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Air Barrier

Vancouver Air Barrier

Firestop Caulking Supply, Ltd. offers a series of Air Barrier products from leading manufacturers such as Soprema, Bakor, Henry, and Tremco ExoAir.

For example, SOPRASEAL STICK 1100 are self-adhesive air/vapour barrier membranes composed of SBS modified bitumen and a high density coextuded polyethylene film.  This surface is ideal for sprayed polyurethane foam insulation.  The self-adhesive underface is covered with a silicone release sheet. Application temperatures:  Available in “Summer Grade” for applications at temperatures above 10 °C and in “Winter Grade” for applications at temperatures between  –10 °C and 10 °C.

ExoAir 120 is a Fluid-Applied, Asphaltic Air and Vapor Barrier membrane, a monolithic, elastomeric membrane designed to seal exterior above-grade wall assemblies and mitigate air infiltration/exfiltration, vapor transmission and water penetration.

Air barrier Features

The SOPRASEAL STICK 1100 membranes are applied directly to primed substrates.

While the ExoAir 120 is typically applied to exterior sheathing panels, concrete block, poured concrete or wood substrates as an air and vapor barrier material. EXOAIR 120 can be used with EXOAIR 110, EXOAIR 111 or EXOAIR 230 to transition into window and door openings