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Vancouver Waterproofing

Firestop Caulking Supply, Ltd. offers a series of cold, hot, and bentonite sheet waterproofing membranes for vertical, horizontal, and lagging applications:

  • Cold Applied Membranes
  • Spray Applied Waterproofing
  • Sheet Applied Membranes
  • Hot Applied Membranes
  • Expandable Waterstops
  • Protection Courses

Waterproofing Features

Among others, we offer the following products:

TREMproof 201/60, TREMproof 250 GC, TREMproof CRA, TREMDrain QSP, TREMproof 260, Deckseal, Para JT, Paragranular, Paramastic, Paraprimer, Paraseal, Paraseal LG, Paraseal Paraterm Bar, Paraseal W/GM, Paraseal W/GM/LG, Parastick n Dry, Permanent Seam Tape, Saltwater Paraseal, Temporary Tape, Elastomeric Sheeting, Reemay Fabric, TREMproof 150 HRA, Parastop II, and Superstop.