Henry (Bakor) Air-Bloc 17 MR

Liquid-applied by roller, brush or spray, Henry’s Air-Bloc® 17MR is a one-component, rubberized membrane that provides an air barrier when applied to a range of construction surfaces and can be applied down to 20°F (-6°C).  Air-Bloc® 17MR cures to a tough, monolithic rubber-like membrane. – 18.9L – 5 Gal – Black
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  • Low temperature application down to 20°F (-6°C) with no additives required
  • Proprietary fire resistant technology provides superior fire performance with ASTM E1354
  • Seamless, vapor permeable elastomeric membrane for above grade walls
  • Easy, low cost spray application using simple equipment
  • Integral mold resistant formulation
  • Excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces such as exterior gypsum boards, CMU, concrete, stone, wood and metal
  • Excellent adhesion to most wall construction surfaces – can be applied to damp concrete
  • Meets highest industry performance standards


  • Available in 5-gallon pails or 55-gallon drums