Dowsil Tub & Tile & Ceramic

Dow Corning® Tub, Tile & Ceramic Silicone Sealant, for kitchen and bathroom applications.

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Dow Corning® Tub, Tile & Ceramic Silicone Sealant is a one-part acetoxycure silicone sealant for non-porous surface applications requiring a sealant that is mildew-resistant when cured.

– Cures to 100% silicone rubber
– Fast cure, high strength
– Clear, white, translucent white

Store below 90°F (32°C) in a dry place. Dow Corning Tub, Tile & Ceramic Silicone Sealant has a usable life of 30 months from date of manufacture. Refer to product packaging for use-by date. To store short term, replace cap. To store long term, unscrew nozzle, screw cap in cartridge and store nozzle in cap.


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Dowsil Tub & Tile & Ceramic Color

Clear, Translucent White, White