Master Seal M 200 Base Coat


MasterSeal M 200 – Trafficable Waterproof coating system for park decks, pedestrian areas and roofs. – 5 Gal – Grey
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MasterSeal M 200 is a liquid applied moisture-cure polyurethane seamless waterproofing membrane. As part of the MasterSeal Traffic 1500MD system creates a tough, continuously elastomeric properties achieve long term protection against water ingress. High skid resistance with aliphatic top coat ensures long life and suitability for public locations.

Recommended uses for MasterSeal M 200:

  • Waterproofing exterior surfaces subject to light vehicle and pedestrian traffic loads
  • Skid resistant textures are incorporated for safety as required
  • Substrates include concrete and incidental metal on car park decks

MasterSeal M 200 is able to provide durable attractive membrane to Park Decks, Balconies, plaza decks, rooftops, plant rooms, and can be used to recoat old membranes and copings

What makes MasterSeal M 200 a unique solution?

One pack roofing and carpark coating membrane.

How can you benefit from MasterSeal M 200?

  • Waterproof – Protects occupied areas below from water damage
  • Slip resistant to increase pedestrian and vehicular traffic safety
  • Seamless membrane – bridges existing cracks
  • Top coat UV resistant – suitable for external applications
  • Range of top coat colours available – Attractive, decorative appearance
  • VOC Content-MasterSeal M 200 self- levelling grade: 196 g/L of VOC